Guardian angel 2021

Certificate Case

Guardian angel 2021

Certificate Case

Coin value

2 dollars


Niue Island


Mint of Poland

Year of issue






Ligature mass, g


Quality of mintage

proof, digital printing, transparent capsule with the silver gold-plated insert



According to Christian tradition, guardian angels are disembodied and invisible spirits, created by God, which exist in the spiritual world and protect the human soul and body from sin and misfortune. Angels want each person to be saved and provide wise counsel in accordance with divine will to help human beings to find the right path. People communicate with angels through their inner voice, but this dialogue can only begin from pure thoughts and prayer. Unseen by the human eye, they come only in dreams and visions, and certainly not to everyone. But this does not mean that they do not exist. If you want to call upon an angel for guidance, you must learn how to listen to its counsel. Establishing a connection with your invisible protector will be easier with the help of visualisation focused on a coin such as this one, which bears a guardian angel.

The word “angel”, translated from Greek, means “messenger” or “herald”, which speaks to the type of ministry these beings perform. A guardian angel is a heavenly friend who accompanies you in life, in death, and even beyond. Many Christians believe that demonic forces seek to corrupt human souls on Earth with temptation and fear. That is why God sent his angels: to help people triumph over these corrupting influences.