Ares and Mars

Certificate Case

Ares and Mars

Certificate Case

Coin value

5 dollars


Niue Island


Mint of Poland

Year of issue






Ligature mass, g


Quality of mintage

antique finish, high relief, resin fill



Mars (Greek: Ares), after whom the first month of spring in ancient Rome was named, is one of the twelve Olympian gods. Ares is a true symbol of war and courage, and has repeatedly influenced the course of history. As a patron of warriors, he often put his own life on the line. Ares always preferred to take on the enemy with artifice and military savvy. His personality was marked by resilience. Unbridled determination, commitment and fearlessness are the qualities of a true warrior. Ares was responsible for destructive war marked by killing and looting, while Mars was considered the maker of order. He did not just help conquer lands, but was also responsible for the well-being of subjugated territories and defended them against treacherous neighbours.

The gods of war — Ares in ancient Greece and Mars in the Roman Empire — were second to none.

In Greek mythology, Ares, renowned for his love affairs and numerous offspring, represented violence, destruction and ruthlessness. This deity's range of powers includes strength and severity, the ability to induce fear, as well as bloodthirstiness.

Mars, father of Romulus and Remus, was revered as the ancestor and guardian of Rome. The timeless vintage finish, with two ounces of sterling silver in high relief, testifies to the high collector's value of this refined coin. This coin makes a great gift for today's winners and heroes!