Certificate Case


Certificate Case

Coin value

2000 franks KFA




Mint of Poland

Year of issue






Ligature mass, g


Quality of mintage

oxidized surface



Cerberus is the most terrifying creature in Greek mythology, capable of causing even the most courageous hero or warrior to flee. The Latin name for an hell hound is "kerber," which stands for “devourer”. This ugly hound is the offspring of Typhon and Echidna. Its life's work was to faithfully serve the god of the underworld, Hades. Cerberus would guard the gates of this world of the dead, so that no soul who has left our human world would be able to return. The three heads of the vigilant dog would sleep in turn. Thus he was always awake and ready for danger. A person often hides their true self under a mask. But Hades' dog needs not. He is already a "trinity" and therefore unpredictable times three! Also, the three heads allow for the simultaneous development in different areas, which may be entirely distinct from each other. If you look deeper into ancient Greek symbolism, you notice a certain balance of time and space. After all, the dog is positioned between our world and the netherworld, the place whence there is no return. Cerberus stands at the point of no return, outside the concepts of present, past and future. The primary meaning of the symbol, which has remained unchanged to this day, is loyalty and vigilance, remarkable strength and ferocity. No matter how terrifying Cerberus may be, it preserves its basic virtues of loyalty and devotion. It will not abdicate under any circumstances. It is these qualities, as well as its incredible tenacity, that Cerberus symbolizes.