Christ the Savior

Certificate Case

Christ the Savior

Certificate Case

Coin value

2000 franks KFA




Mint of Poland

Year of issue






Ligature mass, g


Quality of mintage

antique finish, selective gilding, high relief, amber insert



Jesus Christ – not only a man, but also a divine being and the Son of God who brought salvation to the human race. The Saviour's head is traditionally framed by a halo – a circle, most often of gold – a symbol of eternal light. Faith in the divinity of Jesus Christ fills us with spiritual strength, inspires us to do good, and gives direction to our labours and aspirations. Without it, Christianity loses its meaning, its inspirational power, and becomes a collection of ancient myths and unfulfilled promises. The icon of Jesus Christ the Saviour has tremendous power if the prayer before it is made wholeheartedly and with sincere faith. The word Christ means “an anointed one,” which is a Greek translation of the Hebrew word moshiach, or messiah, which has the same meaning.

As we cast our eyes on depictions of Christ, we must remember that an icon cannot contain God in its entirety. It is only an image, and only of an earthly incarnation. The divine entity cannot be comprehended by a person. The deeper and more profound meaning of such an image symbolises not only eternity, peace, wisdom, immortality, justice and greatness, but also suffering, atonement for sins committed, resurrection after death, and the return to a new life.