Frozen, Elsa and Anna

Certificate Case

Frozen, Elsa and Anna

Certificate Case

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2 dollars


Niue Island


New Zealand Mint

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A sister is more than a bedrock and source of support for a lifetime. She is not only your reflection, but also your opposite. Just like in the cartoon about Princess Elsa, the possessor of icy magic, and her sister Anna, who – along with an ordinary guy named Christoph, his reindeer Sven, and the magic snowman Olaf – saves Elsa (and at the same time the kingdom) from self-destruction. The first instalment came out in 2013, with the message “Don't be afraid to be yourself.” By overcoming their misunderstandings, they discover many things together. Anna and Elsa represent two types of women: Anna, who is warm, infantile and prone to bonding, and Elsa, a cold businesswoman who cannot get close to people because she does not know how to form relationships.

A fairy tale story about two princess sisters, one of whom knows how to use magic, but doesn't know how to use this gift properly, and the other who is trying to fix it all for her sister. Frozen dealt with the motive of sisterhood. Our protagonists are very different. Anna is a more fairy-tale-minded character; she believes in “lived happily ever after.” Elsa, in turn, is not different, but is at the stage in her life when she has just been enthroned: the duties of being the queen prevail over her right to have feminine happiness.