Hug me (dolphins)

Certificate Case

Hug me (dolphins)

Certificate Case
1,950 UAH
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Coin value

500 francs CFA




Mint of Poland

Year of issue






Ligature mass, g


Quality of mintage

proof, laser frosting, crystal insert



Why do we need a hug? To get closer, to remove the boundaries – personal and spatial – that separate us for just a moment, to express certain feelings: sympathy, support, solidarity, trust. Hugs, like all other forms of tactile behaviour such as shaking hands and touching are vital to the human experience. Touching and hugging help us to overcome stress. After all, one of the particular effects of a hug is the feeling that we are not alone. This coin depicts two dolphins, symbolising the ancient symbol of Yin and Yang. A symbol of opposing creative forces in the universe, the aspiration of all things to achieve harmony. The word dolphin is derived from the Greek word “delphos”, which means “brother” or “child”. Dolphins are a symbol of helpers and protectors. These beautiful, kind, strong, wise dolphins will protect you from the evil eye and bring harmony into your home. All these meanings boil down to the most important of all: a dolphin is a good luck charm. A dolphin is associated with freedom, safety, friendliness, joy, wisdom, generosity and power. The silver pendant with two embracing dolphins is a heart-warming gift that will remind you of beautiful moments and love.