Ruby Scarab

Certificate Case

Ruby Scarab

Certificate Case
9,150 UAH
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Coin value

5 dollars




Niue Island


Mint of Poland

Year of issue






Ligature mass, g


Quality of mintage

antique finish, high relief, ruby inserts



In ancient Egypt the scarab symbolised the invisible force of creation, which gives the impetus to move across the sky — not only to the solar disc, but to all other things as well. Images of scarabs made of precious metals and expensive gems served as amulets or currency. According to an ancient legend, the ruby gemstone was hardened in the blood of dragons. It symbolises love, health, strength, dignity, and beauty. Because of its colour, ruby has always been considered a stone of recovery, one which strengthens vitality and dispels melancholy. It brings its owner peace, drives away bad dreams, and helps resolve disputes. Ruby is a symbol of irrepressible energy, strength and power. It can make a person independent and confident.

The magical properties of the stone can solve any problem. Like a strong wind, its energy sweeps obstacles from its path. The red colour of this stone is associated with passion, love, and power, and the ruby is often attributed the same meaning. It is considered a stone of power, strength, and valour. Rubies have always been generously used to decorate the appurtenances of royalty and kingship, who believed in the power of the stone’s protection.