Sun scarab

Certificate Case

Sun scarab

Certificate Case
3,000 UAH
Availability in departments

Coin value

1 dollar




Niue Island


Mint of Poland

Year of issue






Ligature mass, g


Quality of mintage

proof, goldstone "desert sand", digital printing



Images of the scarab decorated the walls of the temples where the pharaohs were worshipped. They symbolised connection with the heavens and the patronage of divine powers. The coin will protect its owner from hardship and poverty. The scarab is a symbol of life – it preserves youth and beauty. “Golden Sand” stone is the name of one of the many varieties of aventurine. It is a lucky talisman, an optimist's stone which is worn to enhance one’s mood. The golden sand stone brings its wearer a clear mind and a cheerful spirit. While wearing it, one feels confident and energetic. The Slavs called the stone zlatoiskr, literally “a golden spark” stone.

Indian traders have tested this stone's ability. Whenever they set out on a perilous voyage to Europe, they would take some aventurine jewellery with them and the ship, along with its cargo, would be able to reach its destination safely. Aventurine has long been ascribed magical properties. The stone provides protection from the negative manifestations of others, helps to protect its owner from misfortune and disaster, facilitates recovery from depression and neurosis, and can also calm one’s nerves. Despite its name, it is the very same stone that is used by gambling enthusiasts, as it brings luck and promises lottery winnings.