Tarot – Fortune

Certificate Case

Tarot – Fortune

Certificate Case

Coin value

1000 francs CFA




Mint of Poland

Year of issue






Ligature mass, g


Quality of mintage

black proof, digital printing, microprinting



There are several cards in the Tarot system that symbolise dramatic changes and important turns in life’s path. The 10th card of the Senior Arcanum, Wheel of Fortune, is one of them. It is a card of Providence, and knowing how to interpret it is very important. The Wheel of Fortune Arcanum is closely related to universal intervention. We have no power over events that are destined to take place and though some seem to occur by pure chance, this card ensures that they are not. This is the Arkanum of Supreme Fate and Inevitability. The most general meaning of the 10th Tarot card is events that bring about life changes and seem random, but are actually fated to happen. These events are often good, something like unexpected success or happiness, but they can also be fatal. They happen suddenly, and are almost impossible to influence or prevent. The Tarot – Wheel of Fortune coin is a symbol of a wonderful change in your destiny. This might mean success at work, reciprocated love, new chances to improve your life or opportunities to take advantage of. Even if any difficulties arise, they will be quickly and successfully overcome. Rely on the signs and go where destiny leads you.