Faith Hope Love

Certificate Case

Faith Hope Love

Certificate Case

Coin value

500 francs CFA




Mint of Poland

Year of issue






Ligature mass, g


Quality of mintage

proof, digital printing, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS



This Christian symbol unites three main virtues: faith, hope and love. The anchor is a symbol of Hope. It was a sacred object to which sacrifices were made, as an anchor was often the only salvation for seafarers. The cross is a symbol of faith. It is one of the oldest symbols of human civilisation. The heart is a symbol of love. Love always trumps separation. It is crucial for all of us never to lose faith, hope, and love, because they are the foundation of human life in its entirety. Have faith in yourself, in your strength, in people. Love all that surrounds us, and believe that everything is possible. Faith makes it possible. Hope makes it work. Love makes it beautiful. When wishing good luck and success to a friend or even just an acquaintance, give this unusual talisman as a gift.

A “Faith, Hope, Love” amulet serves to retain all the most important virtues and to find happiness in life. In ancient times, when waterways followed the stars, the sailor's profession was considered one of the most dangerous of all. No one could be sure of returning home when they set out on their voyage. That's why, upon returning to their homeport, all sailors rejoiced passionately when they heard the command to make fast and drop anchor. It was also believed that there was an invisible anchor rooted at the home of each sailor, owing to which they could not get lost far away at sea and were assured of their return home.