Yellow butterfly

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Yellow butterfly

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The yellow butterfly symbolises positivity, joy, harmonious relationships and wealth. The Sun is the source of life on earth. Yellow is the colour of gold, which had been long regarded as frozen sunlight. The butterfly symbolises femininity, which embodies fragility, tenderness, beauty, mystery, and lightness. There are three primary interpretations of the butterfly’s symbolism: transformation, adaptation, and a new form of life. Just as a butterfly is born from a caterpillar, a person, once armed with experience, attains their full potential and is able to reach new heights. What was once considered a fragile creature suddenly turns into a winged icon symbolising the strength and the survival of the spirit.

Transformation, change and renewal can be synonymous with human life. When a person faces difficulties, not only pleasant phases in their life, what happens is the following: all hardships and obstacles become an experience in which one grows and changes for the better. Every person should have an image of the butterfly, because it is a symbol of joy and love. If the butterfly's wings are open, it means that the soul is open to the world and wants to give it light and love. If you give butterflies as a birthday gift, it means that you want the recipient to live a long time.