Simultaneous financing in multiple currencies

Multi-currency credit line

For enterprises that need to finance transactions simultaneously in several currencies without additional costs for loan documentation and additional collateral. A multi-currency credit line makes it possible to enhance working capital and borrow tranches in different currencies within an established limit denominated in the base currency of the credit agreement.

Advantages of the loan:

  • Repeated use of the available limit.
  • Receipt of funds in multiple currencies (other than the
    currency of the agreement).
  • Ability to increase the volume of the working capital.
Principal terms and conditions
Loan term

up to 3 years

Interest rate

is determined for each client individually

Loan amount

according to the decision of the credit committee

Terms of repayment

interest is paid monthly;

repayment of the principal – according to the agreed schedule

Loan collateral

- main collateral – in the form of a liquid deposit; real estate; equipment, road vehicles;

- additional collateral – goods in circulation; guarantees from beneficiary owners

Borrower requirements:

  • has been in business for more than 12 months;
  • a stable financial position and stable income to current accounts from the main business.

How do I apply for a loan?

  • Contact your personal manager

    for existing clients of the bank.

  • Order online

    Submit your application and our manager will contact you to schedule an appointment.

To obtain a loan:

  1. Visit the nearest bank branch or contact the corporate business projects unit manager.
  2. Submit the required documents.
  3. Get the decisions made by the bank on the loan and the valuation of collateral.
  4. Sign all the required agreements.
  5. Receive the credit funds on your current account.


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