Conditional storage accounts (escrow)

An escrow account is an account on which the bank undertakes to accept and credit funds received from the client and transfer these funds to the beneficiaries or return them to the client, subject to the occurrence of the grounds stipulated by the contract for a conditional storage account (escrow).

Opening an account makes it possible to perform a transaction for the repurchase of shares of the joint-stock company from the final beneficiaries in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

Advantages of using an escrow account:

  1. Account opening free of charge.
  2. Minimal financial risks – since the account is managed by the bank.
  3. Additional guarantees for buyer and seller – frozen funds can’t be used in expense transactions.
  4. The guaranteed success of the agreement (those who pay to open an account are unlikely to refuse it).
Rates for using a conditional storage account
For services related to servicing the account and carrying out transactions on it
2 % of the amount of payments, minimum – UAH 30,000 (one time); additionally – if the number of beneficiaries is greater than 500: UAH 15,000 for each additional 500 beneficiaries
Making payments from the escrow account to the beneficiary legal entity
not chargeable

How can I order the service?

  • Visit a branch

    Select a branch and visit it at your convenience.

  • Sign the agreement

    for opening a conditional storage account.

  • Arrange for receipt

    of a list of beneficiaries by the issuer of shares.


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