Guarantees for the participants of the energy market of Ukraine

Bank guarantee for participants in the electricity and natural gas market

Sectors of application:

Electricity market
Financial guarantee for securing an agreement on the settlement of electricity imbalances
Beneficiary - "Ukrenergo” National Power Company

Natural gas market
Financial guarantee for securing a natural gas transportation agreement (system balancing)
Beneficiary - "Ukrtransgas" Public Joint-Stock Company



  • Execution of one master agreement for an unlimited number of guarantees with different amounts and terms of performance.
  • Simplified decision-making procedure for providing guarantees. 
  • Pivdenny Joint-Stock Bank complies with the ratings and conditions of the beneficiaries for issuing guarantees to participants in the energy market.


Basic conditions for the provision of guarantees by Pivdenny Bank:

Requirements for principals:

  • period of business activity – at least 12 months (groups of companies)*;
  • a sound financial standing;
  • the presence of a contractual basis for carrying out activities in the energy market of Ukraine.

* If less than 12 months of business activity, individual conditions apply

Currency – UAH.

Form of guarantee provision:

  • in hard copy;
  • in electronic form with electronic digital signature.


  • placement of monetary funds on the coverage account in the amount of 15% to 50 % of the guarantee amount*


  • negotiable security in the form of real property, vehicles, equipment, goods for sale, etc.

* Depending on the financial condition of the company and track record in the energy market of Ukraine

Decisions are issued on guarantees in up to 5 business days from the date of submission of a full set of documents to the bank.

Guarantee rate
Providing a guarantee
0.2% of the amount (min. UAH 1,000; max. UAH 10,000). Charged once when signing the agreement.
National currency guarantee management fee
Against security of monetary funds
up to 2% per year
Against security of real property
3-3.5% per year
Against security of equipment, transport
3.5-4.0% per year
Against security of goods for sale
from 4% per year
Against other security
by agreement

Procedure for issuing a bank guarantee:

  1. The seller provides the bank with the necessary documents.
  2. Based on these documents, the Bank considers the possibility of providing a guarantee.
  3. In the case of a positive decision of the collegial body of the bank, a master agreement is signed on the provision of documentary obligations and other necessary documents.
  4. The bank issues a guarantee and transfers it to the principal/beneficiary:
    – in hard copy;
    – in electronic form with electronic digital signature.

How can I receive a guarantee?

  • Contact your personal manager

    for existing clients of the bank.

  • Order online

    Submit your application and our manager will contact you to schedule an appointment.

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