“Cash collection” service

Pivdenny Bank transports money and valuables between the client’s organisations and their divisions. In addition, the bank carries out transportation of sealed bags comprising currency assets between the client’s facilities.

Advantages of ordering the “Cash collection” service at Pivdenny Bank:

  1. Minimisation of financial risks.
  2. Service execution speed – up to 20 minutes from the time of receipt of the order.
  3. Security - transportation by armored car (security class 3); obligatory armed escort of valuables.
  4. Convenience – service execution is specified by the client.
  5. Flexible pricing policy, as well as an individual approach to each client.
  6. We provide services both on a one-time and regular basis.
  7. Weekly and holiday collection services.

Rate – calculated individually.

How can I apply for cash collection services?

  • Visit a branch

    Select a branch and visit it at your convenience.

  • Apply

    for the relevant service.

  • Sign the agreement

    for the provision of cash collection services.

  • Buy the required number of cash bags

    (bags) and seals.

  • Agree on a route

    and schedule that is convenient for you.


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