Pivdenny Bank presents the first foreign trade infographic guide in Ukraine

Pivdenny Bank presents the first foreign trade infographic guide in Ukraine-Банк Пивденный

Pivdenny Bank, together with Top Lead, presents a unique infographic guide on foreign trade “Export-Import of Ukraine”. The pages of the publication contain information on Ukraine’s trading partners and products, how foreign trade affects the economy, what free trade zone agreements Ukraine has and how to find financial opportunities to start exporting.

According to the guide, in the structure of foreign trade of Ukraine, among the key trends of the last few years, in particular, a change in regional distribution can be noted. So, the share of Europe has significantly increased and the share of CIS countries has decreased. A negative trade balance is still maintained. The quality composition of exports is dominated by intermediate products.

On the pages of the guide “Export-Import of Ukraine” you can find comprehensive information about the product structure and dynamics of foreign trade for 2011-2018. The key export destinations in 2018 are food products (43%, or USD 18.6 billion), more than half of which are cereals and vegetable oil, as well as metals and metal products (26%, or USD 11.6 billion). In the structure of imports to our country last year, equipment and transport dominated (29%, or USD 17.5 billion), as well as mineral products (24%, or USD 14.2 billion).

In addition, the guide contains useful information on foreign trade financing instruments, including documentary ones, an overview of the possibilities for hedging currency risks, an excursion into changes in currency legislation, brief information on the status of customs reform and the priorities for further changes to improve the investment climate in Ukraine.

Download the current edition of the “Export-Import of Ukraine: Foreign Trade Guide” here: https://businessviews.com.ua/eksport-import-2019.

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