Get advice on foreign trade using Telegram and Viber


Pivdenny Bank, focusing on the needs of its clients, continues to expand channels of communication with corporate clients engaged in foreign economic activity.

Now you can submit a question and get advice on issues of foreign economic activity using Telegram and Viber.

This communication channel with the bank facilitates advice on the following issues:

Rules for conducting currency transactions for legal entities:
- timing of the analysis and control of foreign exchange transactions;

- requirements of currency legislation and legislation in the field of financial monitoring.

Advice on foreign exchange supervision:
- export operations - features of crediting receipts in foreign and national currency;

- import operations - the main prohibitions and conditions for operations;

- analysis and control of foreign exchange operations to comply with applicable currency laws;

- features of operations with cash foreign currency

Preliminary verification of foreign economic agreements:
- preliminary analysis of the availability of all necessary conditions in foreign economic agreements of clients for the possibility of analysing a foreign exchange transaction for compliance with the requirements of foreign exchange legislation and legislation in the field of financial monitoring.

Loans from non-residents:
- advice on regulatory requirements based on the type contract and a full package of documents;

- getting advice on the requirements of Ukrainian legislation to the cost (level% rate) of external borrowing;

- features of foreign exchange supervision by the bank on settlements under a loan agreement with a non-resident.

You can use the new service from the bank's website by clicking on the chat icon in the lower right corner. After opening the chat window, go to the section “Advice of legal entities”, then “Questions of foreign economic activity”, where you will need to enter the phone number, name and a brief description of the issue on which you want to receive advice. After that, a bank representative will contact you.

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