Pivdenny Bank became the official distributor of two more leading manufacturers of the global coin industry


Now you can buy gold stamped ingots of the highest quality 999.9 weighing 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 grams, as well as 1 troy ounce (31.10348 g) in the original packaging produced by Perth Mint and exclusive silver coins made by CIT Coin Invest AG.

Pivdenny Bank entered into two direct contracts with banking metal producers - CI Coyne Invest AG (CIT Coin Invest AG, Liechtenstein) and the Perth Mint ( Australia) - and offers clients a wide range of collectible of coins.

“Last year our bank started cooperating with the Mint of Poland and presented to clients unique gold and silver coins that are in a great demand. We decided to expand our range of collectible coins and offer our clients even more exclusive banking metal products. The premiere exposition of silver coins by CIT Coin Invest AG and gold bars of the Perth Mint took place during the annual Forum of Financial Directors of Ukraine and now these coins will go to the bank branches. Acquisition of banking metal products is a profitable investment in the future and a kind insurance from inflation”, noted Artem Semeynov, the director of the retail business department of Pivdenny Bank.

Gold ingots of the Perth Mint are marked by a recognized manufacturer, registered by the London Association of Bank Metal Market Participants (LBMA), and have free circulation status on the international market. Such ingots can be sold anywhere in the world where they buy bank metals.

CIT (CIT Coin Invest AG, Liechtenstein) creates unique and unusual silver coins. For example, a three-dimensional coin sculpture “Jolly Silver Pig” (Mongolia) is made in such a way that it can stand on a horizontal surface, and another silver coin about the wonderful autumn time, “Indian Summer Silver Coin in Globe” (Cook Islands), is placed inside a globe with leaf fall filled with fresh alpine water.

We remind you that the bank, along with a new collection of coins CIT continues to sell exclusive silver and gold coins of the Mint of Poland. A series of Polish coins differs in subject and design. For example: a series of silver coins with gold “Signs of the Zodiac”, which can be worn as a pendant (2018 edition), a new series “Wedding Coin” for memorable dates; “Lucky Seven” talismans (silver coins with a gilded symbol of good luck), a series of religious coins, gold coins-bracelets of the “Little Treasures” series with Swarovski Elements crystals and various silver pendant coins.