Pivdenny Bank confidently complies with all NBU standards


The 1st quarter 2019 results show that Pivdenny Bank fulfills all financial standards for the bank activities established by the National Bank of Ukraine. Actual figures for the entire banking system are published on the NBU website.

The regulatory capital adequacy ratio H2 and the capital adequacy ratio H3 (ratio of regulatory capital to assets) have been met with a sufficient margin, giving the bank a solid foundation for further growth. The value of Н2 as of April 1, 2019 was 11.9% (with the required minimum of 10%).

The credit risk standards characterizing the degree of concentration of lending of the bank are also stably implemented. This indicates a well-balanced bank risk management policy and low dependence on large borrowers. As of 1 April, 2019, the value of the H9 standard, which shows the ratio of insider loans to regulatory capital, was only 9.0% (with an allowed maximum of 25%).

From year to year, Pivdenny Bank has demonstrated high values of liquidity ratios H4, H5 and H6, to which, since December 2018, a new LCR liquidity outflow ratio was added. These standards are met with a substantial margin, indicating a high liquidity of the bank. As of April 1, 2019, the LCR value in all currencies (the most stringent of liquidity ratios) was 122.0% (with a required minimum of 80%).

Economic activity standards are the indicators established by the National Bank of Ukraine with the aim of regulating banking activities on the basis of remote supervision to monitor the activities of individual banks and the banking system as a whole.

Pivdenny Bank is a universal Ukrainian bank, founded in 1993, with its head office in Odessa. The Bank offers a wide range of services for business clients and individuals throughout Ukraine through a regional network, which by the end of December 2018 consisted of 95 branches in 18 regions of Ukraine. According to the results of 2018, the net profit of Pivdenny Bank amounted to UAH 274 million, which is over five times higher than last year.