To make your dreams a reality: Pivdenny Bank offers a new promotional deposit “Mriemіr” – up to 18% per annum


Pivdenny Bank offers placement of funds on the new “Mriemir” deposit with a rate of up to 18% per annum in national currency and monthly interest payments.

“Mriemir” deposit is a classic term deposit for 3 or 6 months with the opportunity to receive an additional bonus 2% of the selected deposit. The minimum deposit amount is UAH 10,000, and interest is paid monthly. The deposit does not provide for early termination and auto-prolongation.

It is very simple to establish the “Mriemir” promotional deposit and receive additional interest. To obtain a deposit, contact any branch of Pivdenny Bank from 2 September to 1 November 2019 and select a scratch card with the size of your additional bonus on the “Mriemir” deposit. The “Mriemir” deposit is opened taking into account the selected bonus.

For more than 25 years, Pivdenny Bank has been steadily fulfilling its obligations to clients and is a member and agent of the Individual Deposit Guarantee Fund. In 2019, “Credit Rating”, an independent rating agency, confirmed the bank deposit reliability rating of Pivdenny Bank at “4+” (high reliability).