Pivdenny Bank introduces electronic document management for corporate clients


As of 19 August 2019, Pivdenny Bank introduced a new document management service for its corporate clients. Now, clients will be able to exchange documents on foreign exchange transactions with the bank through the Client Bank (iFOBS) system with the digital signature of the Accredited Key Certification Centre “Ukraine”. This will greatly simplify the process of exchanging documents between clients and the bank and will make foreign exchange transactions quick and affordable.

Our bank implements modern banking technologies and constantly improves its services for clients. The introduction of electronic document management on foreign exchange operations will significantly increase the efficiency of such transactions and will allow documents to be exchanged with the bank without leaving the office. A great plus for clients is the ability to track the status of an electronic document. This will increase the speed of concluding foreign exchange contracts and, accordingly, the completion of payments.

Clients can find detailed instructions for using this service here. If in doubt, clients can always contact technical support by phone (048) 784-74-77 or contact the employee who services their foreign exchange contracts.

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