Foreign investors will be able to repatriate funds from the sale of securities and corporate rights without limits


As part of currency liberalisation and with the goal of further improving the investment climate, the National Bank of Ukraine cancelled a monthly limit of EUR 5 million for repatriation of funds from the sale of securities, corporate rights, as well as funds received as a result of a decrease in the authorised capital of legal entities and withdrawal from business entities of foreign investors.

The list of transactions that are allowed on non-resident accounts has also been expanded. In particular, the current accounts of non-resident individuals are permitted to transfer funds in UAH received as dividends, interest income on securities and other income on items of property in Ukraine, not related to their alienation, sale, liquidation or reduction of the authorised capital.

In addition, in order to avoid discrepancies, the National Bank of Ukraine specified that the current e-limit of EUR 2 million/year for investments of resident entities abroad also applies to the purchase of securities of foreign issuers and bonds of external government loans of Ukraine.

Regular currency concessions were approved by the Resolution of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine No. 113 dated 9 September 2019 “On Approving Amendments to the Regulation on Protection Measures and Determining the Procedure for Conducting Certain Transactions in Foreign Currency”.. They will enter into force on 10 September 2019.

For more detailed explanations and consultations regarding the resolution above, please contact the regional departments of analysis and control for foreign exchange transactions of legal entities using the contact numbers indicated below.

Contact phone numbers:

(0482) 30 70 34
(0482) 30 70 49
(0482) 757 92 97
(0482) 757 92 36
(0482) 785 52 28

(044) 495 17 66

(056) 790 12 07

(032) 298 92 06

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