Instant transfer of funds from abroad is now available on the Pivdenny Bank website


Pivdenny Bank has activated the service of transferring funds from abroad using the online payment service on its website for Mastercard payment card holders. The new service makes it possible to transfer money online to users of Mastercard cards issued by European banks, to Mastercard cards of both Pivdenny Bank and other Ukrainian banks.

“Now many Ukrainians work abroad, especially in Europe. That is why international transfers of funds from abroad are an important issue for us. The new online payment service will allow our compatriots to instantly transfer funds to their relatives and friends. No need to go to the bank or fill out a bunch of documents, as well as transport cash across the border, which is quite dangerous. The transfer can be easily carried out on the bank’s website from a computer or mobile phone,” said Artem Semeynov, Director of the Retail Business Department of Pivdenny Bank.

The service makes it possible to send funds in the following currencies: Euro, US Dollars, British Pound Sterling and Polish Zloty, and to receive funds in Hryvnia, Euro and US Dollars. The service page features the current exchange rate, calculation of the payment fee, the amount in the equivalent of the currency in which the funds will be received in Ukraine, as well as the final amount that must be paid taking into account the fee. At the moment, transfers are FREE.

Transfers can be performed on the page “Money transfer from Europe to Ukraine” from a computer or a smartphone. To complete the transaction, simply indicate the desired transfer amount, the card number of the sender and the card of the recipient, the physical address of the sender, as well as the email address of the sender and recipient to receive information about the results of the transaction. Funds will be credited instantly to the recipient's card.