A brief review of the NBU Decree No. 78 dated 18.06.2019


Dear Clients!

We inform you that from June 20, 2019, the Decree of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine No. 78 dated June 18, 2019 “On Amending the Regulation on Protection Measures and Determining the Procedure for Performing Certain Transactions in Foreign Currency”, by which the National Bank continues liberalization in accordance with the roadmap, which provides for the gradual removal of all currency restrictions simultaneously with the improvement of macroeconomic conditions in Ukraine.

In order to further simplify doing business in Ukraine, the National Bank cancels the requirement of the obligatory sale of foreign exchange earnings.

The norm, which obliges entrepreneurs to sell 30% of foreign exchange earnings in the interbank foreign exchange market, expires on June 20, 2019. Business receipts credited to the distribution accounts of enterprises during the day of June 19 are no longer subject to compulsory sale.

For more detailed explanations and consultations regarding the above resolution, please contact the employees of the regional departments of analysis and control of currency transactions of legal entities by contact numbers indicated below.

Department for Analysis and Control of Currency Transactions of Legal Entities of the Southern Region.

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(0482) 307034

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