Management Board of Pivdenny Bank

  • Alla Vanetsiants-Банк Пивденный
    Alla Vanetsiants

    Chairperson of the Board

  • Maksym Tsymbal-Банк Пивденный
    Maksym Tsymbal

    Deputy Chairperson of the Board

  • Dmytro Chychkalenko-Банк Пивденный
    Dmytro Chychkalenko

    Deputy Chairperson of the Board

  • Volodymyr Havlytskyi-Банк Пивденный
    Volodymyr Havlytskyi

    Director of Department of Compliance, member of the Board

  • Olena Netrebko-Банк Пивденный
    Olena Netrebko

    Deputy Chairperson of the Board

  • Oleksandr Matyushenko-Банк Пивденный
    Oleksandr Matyushenko

    Head of Corporate Business Department, member of the Board

Management Board Committees

  • Products and tariffs committee
    Created to establish rates for services rendered by the bank as well as to develop new and upgrade existing banking products
  • Assets and Liabilities Management committee
    Established to determine and approve a general policy of asset and liability management of the bank
  • Credit committees of the first, second and third levels
    Established to make decisions on granting and servicing loans and to resolve issues attributable to the performance of other asset management transactions of the bank
  • Project Committee
    Created to implement innovations projects, ensure the bank’s development and improve the quality of client services
  • Committee for Financial Monitoring
    Established to oversee client transactions to prevent legalisation of proceeds from crime and financing terrorism
  • Operational Risk Management Committee
    Created to maintain a safe level of operational risk that will not threaten the financial stability of the bank and/or the group
  • Budget Committee
    Responsible for the Bank's policy on managing costs and capital investments in fixed assets and intangible assets.
  • Committee for the Organisation of the Information Security Management System
    The committee was created for the purpose of organising the bank information security management system.
  • Non-performing asset management committee
    Created with the aim of keeping the risks associated with non-performing assets within the established risk appetite.