Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter – the Policy) for the Mobile Application (hereinafter – the Application) applies to the Information that PIVDENNY JOINT-STOCK BANK, PUBLIC JOINT-STOCK COMPANY (hereinafter – the Bank) may obtain from the User's device during its use.

Use of the Application means the User’s unconditional consent to the provisions of this Policy and the Integrated Banking Service Agreement for Individuals (hereinafter – the Agreement) regarding the specified conditions for processing Information which can be obtained from the User's device.

The Application and Services within the Application are sold to the User on the terms and subject to the conditions of contracts and agreements with the Bank, which, among other things, regulate the processing and storage of the User's personal data by the Bank.  The User acknowledges that he or she is familiar with and consents unconditionally to the reservation regarding personal data (subsection 6 of section 1 of the Integrated Banking Service Agreement for Individuals).

This Policy applies only to the Application. The Bank does not control and is not responsible for the information (consequences of its transfer) transmitted by the User to a third party, if such transfer was made on a third-party resource to which the User could access via links from the Application.

The Bank has the right to make changes to this Policy/Agreement by posting a new version of the Policy/Agreement on the Bank's website and/or in the Application. The User agrees to read the current version of the Policy.

Additionally, as part of this Policy, the Bank may use additional software tools (including Bank partners) and cookies to collect and process impersonal statistical information about the use of the Application by the User and the Services within the Application to improve the Application.

Terms of User information processing.

In accordance with this Policy/Agreement, the Bank processes only the information required to provide the User with services regarding use of the Application.

The Bank takes all its organisational and technical measures to protect the User’s information from unauthorised access by third parties, as well as their use, copying and distribution.

For the purposes set out in the Policy/Agreement, the Bank may involve partners in processing of User information with whom the Bank has entered into the appropriate confidentiality agreements. The transmission of impersonal data by the Bank to these partners for the use of the Application for the purpose of improving the operation of the Application is based on agreements with partners.

User information may be stored in the database of the Bank and its partners during the term of the contractual relationship between the Bank and the User regarding the Application and for 5 years after the termination of such agreements.

User information may be provided to public authorities in accordance with the requirements of the applicable legislation of Ukraine.

The Privacy Policy regarding the collection, storage and use of personal data of the User of the Application is governed by the Integrated Banking Service Agreement for Individuals by PIVDENNY JOINT-STOCK BANK, PUBLIC JOINT-STOCK COMPANY.