Smart Kasa

Pivdenny Bank and its partner company Smart Kasa offer an innovative POS terminal with an option of connection of software cash register and accounting system.

Smart Kasa POS terminal is an innovative solution enabling to organize convenient cashless payments for your customers.

The customers will be able to pay for goods and services through Google Pay and Masterpass, Apple Pay, or by scanning a QR code from Smart Kasa screen or cashier’s screen.

Smart Kasa POS terminal allows businesses to meet the requirements of legislation as to fiscalization and increase the turnover and customer base.

Moreover, we offer favorable conditions of acquiring at the level of 1.6% for Smart Kasa POS terminals.

Together with Smart Kasa and acquiring from Pivdenny Bank you will forget about rent payments and poor quality service support forever!

Why is it relevant

  • Payments are made on site, therefore time is saved both for the customer, and for the cashier.
  • Using the terminal raises performance of your employees, as they save time for collection and control of monetary funds.
  • A portion of cashless payments is constantly increasing, and the requirements of legislation as to necessity of installation of POS terminals become stricter.

5-in-1 integrated solution

After purchasing a Smart Kasa POS terminal, you will get an opportunity to update it to 5-in-1 integrated solution.

Smart Kasa is the newest equipment made in Ukraine, almost 24/7 support service, 100% price-quality ratio, convenient intuitive use, minimalist design and guaranteed conformity to all requirements of the State Tax Service and legislation of Ukraine.

Smart Kasa is much more than just accounting and tax reporting. This is a CRM system. Based on collected data of sales, revenue and customers, an entrepreneur can analyze efficiency of his own business. Reports, statistics, an opportunity to control the work of several sales points in the real time mode, archive of issued checks and catalog of goods – all these expanded functions can be found in Personal Cabinet of an entrepreneur.

Cash register for acceptance of cash payments

Using the functions Sale, Returns, Delayed Checks, Express Sale, Changes, Reports, a cashier records all cash transactions, by displaying movement of goods, cash receipts.

Bank terminal

Accepts payments from plastic cards, smart watches and smartphones. The device belongs to an entrepreneur, not to the bank, so no monthly rent is collected.

Software cash register

Smart Kasa software is developed in accordance with the requirements of the State Tax Service, implemented fiscalization. It means easy recalculations without errors in the financial statements. Financial statements are automatically sent to the tax office, and entrepreneurs do not pay for software updates.

Built-in receipt printer

At the buyer’s will, a cashier may send him/her an electronic receipt by e-mail or give out a paper check. Checks are printed by Smart Kasa™ on ordinary thermal paper, because it already has a built-in printer.

Barcode scanner

Due to a scanner, it is easy to service long queues at peak hours, quickly add catalog goods and keep warehouse accounting.

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