Opening and using accounts (non-resident)

High reliability, additional services, attractive terms of managing accounts for non-resident legal entities.

Pivdenny Bank offers its clients all services connected to current accounts. Throughout its 25 years of operation, the bank has focused on expanding the range of cash and payment services and continually improving their quality to provide timely, reliable and fast service.

Current accounts can be held in currencies: UAH, USD, EUR, RUB.

Advantages of having an account in Pivdenny Bank:

  • The opening speed of the account
  • Attractive price policy of account maintenance
  • Speed of payment
  • Save maintenance costs abroad
  • Placement of free funds on deposits
Fees: accounts in national and foreign currencies
One-time fee for package services
Monthly package service fee
Opening the first current account
UAH 350
Fee for managing iFOBS
Included in the package price
Fees: payments in the national and foreign currencies
Payment orders in national currency via iFOBS system outside the bank at operational time
UAH 200
Payment orders in foreign currency via iFOBS system outside the bank at operational time
0,2 %
Buy and sell foreign currencies
0,3 %

How do I apply?

  • Order online

    Submit your application and our manager will contact you to schedule an appointment.

  • Visit a branch

    Select a branch and visit it at your convenience.