Win an iPhone Xr

Win one of ten iPhone Xrs for payments made using your Pivdenny Bank card

Promotion period – from 15.05.2019 to 01.10.2019

How to take part in the special offer?

  • During each of the 10 stages of the offer, make three payments by card from the Pivdenny Bank for the amount of UAH 100 each in trade and service enterprises or the Internet during the promotion period and participate in the raffle of iPhone Xrs. The more transactions you make, the more likely you are to receive rewards.
  • Register to participate in the raffle on this page.

Who can participate in the special offer?

  • Cardholders from the Pivdenny bank.

What are the gifts for the participants of the special offer?

10 iPhone Xrs phones – one every 14 days.

Hurry up to buy! And remember: the more purchases – the greater the chance!


Questions and answers

What card transactions are involved in the prize raffle?

Pay for purchases:

  1. Card using a payment terminal.
  2. ID-card using Pay Pass or Pay Wave technology.
  3. Card in the Internet.
  4. Smartphone:
    Apple Pay
    Google Pay
    Garmin Pay

When will the winners be determined?

Stage 1: May 15-28, 2019. Determination of the winner: 05/29/19 – 06/07/19;
The winner of the first stage: Tkachenko Konstantin Vasilyevich

Stage 2: May 29 – June 11, 2019. Determination of the winner: 06/12/19 – 06/21/19;
The winner of the second stage: Kulinich Olga Alekseevna

Stage 3: June 12-25, 2019. Determination of the winner: 06/26/19 – 07/05/19;
The winner of the third stage: Smetanin Oleg Vladimirovich

Stage 4: June 26 – July 9, 2019. Determination of the winner: 07/10/19 – 07/19/19;
The winner of the forth stage: Vinogradova Elena Alexandrovna

Stage 5: July 10-23, 2019. Determination of the winner: 07/24/19 – 08/02/19;
The winner of the fifth stage: Ishchenko Vadim Ivanovich

Stage 6: July 24 – August 8, 2019. Determination of the winner: 08/07/19 – 08/16/19;
The winner of the sixth stage: Ustimenko Vitaliy Igorovich

Stage 7: August 7-20, 2019. Determination of the winner: 08/21/19 – 08/30/19;
The winner of the seventh stage: Martyniuk Andrey Yaroslavovich

Stage 8: August 21 – September 9, 2019. Determination of the winner: 09/04/19 – 09/13/19;
The winner of the eighth stage: Popov Vladislav Alekseevich

Stage 9: September 4-17, 2019. Determination of the winner: 09/18/19 – 09/27/19;
The winner of the ninth stage: Kravchenko Andriy Oleksandrovich

Stage 10: September 18 – October 1, 2019. Determination of the winner: 10/02/19 – 10/11/19;
The winner of the tenth stage: Dobrovolskiy Oleksandr Mykhaylovich

How will the winners be notified?

The winner of each of the stages of the offer will be notified by a phone call from Pivdenny Bank, also the information about the winners will be posted on the website.


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