Salary project

No fees for cash withdrawals from the Pivdenny Bank system or when paying for goods and services in merchant locations!

The salary project is an agreement between a company and Pivdenny Bank to pay salaries through payment cards.

Every employee in whose name Pivdenny Bank has issued a salary payment card automatically becomes, free of charge, a client of the bank with a current account. The account can be used not only to receive the salary, travel pay and financial assistance from the employer, but also for all other payments and transfers permitted by the current legislation of Ukraine.

Pivdenny Bank offers salary projects based on:

Cards for top management (Platinum cards from Visa and Mastercard systems within the scope of the Prestige package)

Payment cards for mid-level management Visa or Mastercard).

Cards for employees (Visa Classic or Mastercard World).

Advantages of ordering a salary project from Pivdenny bank:

  • Savings on fees – our rates are much lower than the fee for receiving funds directly from the bank's cash desk.
  • Simplified and streamlined accounting – payment of salaries only requires capturing of salary-information and a payment for the total amount due to employees.
  • All salary payments are done by the bank.
  • A simplified salary payment process and payment scheme for employees.
  • No costs for cash collection and problems associated with exceeding cashier limits.
  • Lower costs for cashiers, security, transportation and depositing of funds.
  • Ability to lend to employees. In case of delays in the payment of salaries, employees can obtain a loan, which is automatically paid off when the salary is credited.

At any Pivdenny ATM, Pivdenny Bank cardholders can:

  • Obtain a mini-statement for a card account.
  • Transfer money to another card belonging to a client of Pivdenny Bank.
  • Check the balance on their own card account.
  • Obtain cash around the clock
  • Change the PIN on the payment card.
  • Activate 3-D Secure technology on their own payment card.
Issuance (issue/reissue) of cards
according to current packages
Commission for crediting funds to the employee account
0.6 %

How to apply?

  • Contact your personal manager

    for existing clients of the bank.


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