Tarot – Power

Certificate Case

Tarot – Power

Certificate Case

Coin value

1000 franks KFA




Mint of Poland

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The traditional meaning of power is overcoming obstacles (along with finding spiritual strength) and surmounting unexpected circumstances. It is a tarot card of willpower, energy, resilience and triumph. Its function is to give the strength to vanquish an external or internal enemy (e.g., to overcome one's weaknesses). The card depicts a woman who managed to tame a huge lion. The power depicted by this card is internal: spiritual strength, fearlessness, patience, wholeness, compassion, understanding, and self-control. This card also symbolises the inner struggle with the passions living inside each of us. The sign of infinity above the tamer's head refers to the source of her power, her connection to divine nature.

The lion can symbolise the ego raging within each of us, the passions and unconscious desires that we must face and then tame through love and understanding. Treat both the lion that lives inside you and the people you encounter gently and tenderly. If one has some habits that they have not been able to get rid of, it is sensible to focus their imagination on the image of power. Imagine your own likeness in the position of the figure taming the lion. Create a mental image of your weakness, your undesirable characteristic or bad habit, and put it in the lion's place. Feel your inner strength, determination, gentleness, and power over the problem (rather than denying it).