Money transfer from abroad

Transfer from cards of European and CIS banks to the card of any bank in Ukraine

Specifying the details of an electronic payment instrument (payment card) on this website to perform any action, such as authorization/identification of a person, filling in the relevant registration form (website registration), adding a payment card in a personal account (activation/registration of a payment card) , for non-cash transfer of funds to the account, debiting funds from the account (loan repayment), the borrower is aware that these details will be kept by the creditor or a person with whom the creditor has a contractual relationship, and can be used to debit funds from the account to repay claims under the agreement on consumer credit. In the event of such a charge-off, the borrower has the right to unilaterally refuse or stop the charge-off of funds in accordance with the procedure specified in the contract.

To initiate a transfer, you need to know

  • The sender’s bank card number (made up of 16 digits, written on the front of the card)
  • Card expiry: month and year (two double-digit numbers on the front of the card)
  • СVV2/CVC2-code of the sender’s card (three-digit number on the back of the card)
  • Sender’s name and surname
  • Sender’s address and postal code
  • Sender’s phone number
  • Transfer amount
  • Recipient’s card number
  • Recipient’s name and surname
  • Recipient’s address and postal code
  • Recipient’s phone number
  • Recipient’s e-mail
  • Press the "Confirm transfer” button (the money will be transferred as soon as possible)
  • The sender may notify the recipient of the payment by email. E-mail message dispatch is free of charge

Tariffs for card-to-card transfers

Payment provider charges the sender’s card 2,5% fee (min 2 euro/U.S. dollar).

Limits on transactions from card to card for the sender and recipient

Limit name

Limit amount

maximum amount per transaction, excluding fee

450 EUR

maximum value of transactions per day for one card, excluding fee

2250 EUR

maximum value of transactions per month for one card, excluding fee

5000 EUR

maximum number of transactions per day for one card


maximum number of transactions per month for one card



The bank is not allowed to require customers to purchase any goods or services from the bank or its affiliates or partners as a mandatory condition for the provision of these services (except for the banking package).

You may refuse to receive promotional materials by calling the Customer Support Centre (free of charge in Ukraine) at 0 800 30 70 30.