Tariff plan "Prestige"

Service with additional services.
Tariff plan "Prestige"-Банк ПивденныйTariff plan "Prestige"-Банк Пивденный
  • Platinum cards.
  • Additional advantages and bonuses for main banking products.
  • Lounges in airports - optional.
  • insurance policy for those travelling outside Ukraine - optional (the amount insured per person is EUR 30,000 per year).
Principal terms and conditions
Issuance/re-issuance of the main card, UAH
Cash deposit on the account
Cashless deposit (transfer) to an account within the Pivdenny Bank system
Annual interest rate accrued on the balance of the current account
Fee for cash withdrawal via Pivdenny ATMs and branches with a payment card
Free cash withdrawals within established limits – UAH 5,000.00 per month, subsequently – 0.8% + UAH 5.00
Fee for cash withdrawals via other Ukrainian bank ATMs
1.5% + UAH 5.00

Pivdenny Bank offers the "Prestige" tariff plan to prosperous clients of high status, featuring services with special features and characteristics.

Tariff plan "Prestige" for you

Tariff plan "Prestige" with Platinum payment cards is designed for those who enjoy additional services. Special offers in and outside Ukraine, high-level banking services and privileges.

Service fees and privileges

  • MasterCard/ VISA Platinum card (with built-in chip and contactless technology).
  • Current account in UAH/EUR/USD.
  • Free crediting of money to the card account.
  • Cash withdrawal at profitable rates.

Enjoy full control on your own funds — from anywhere and at any time

  • Free online access to "Pivdenny MyBank" to review your balance and carry out transactions with a card.
  • Free SMS on cash flows on the card.
  • Free use of the Pivdenny MyBank mobile app.

Valuable benefits

  • Lounge Key — access to more than 1200 VIP lounges in airports all over the world irrespective of flight class or carrier.

  • Optional insurance policies for tourists travelling outside Ukraine (insurance coverage of EUR 30,000 for clients aged from 1 to 69).

  • Airport services, etc.

Additional bonuses from corporate partners of the bank

  • The Platinum card entitles its holders to join programmes to receive discounts and bonuses from VISA and Mastercard.

Use without paying a monthly fee!

  • For payments with a payment card in the retail and service network and online in the amount of UAH 10,000 during each settlement period of use — no monthly fee.

More details: Terms and conditions of the "Tourist insurance for foreign travel" within the "Prestige" tariff plan

The Insured uses any type of transport (train, plane, bus, car) as a passenger.

Medical treatment costs


Amount of insurance

EUR 30,000

Number of insurance coverage days

90 days

The territory of the insurance contract

The whole world*

Period of validity of the Insurance contract

365 (366) days / 1 year

Ambulance transport, ambulatory treatment, hospital treatment**


Emergency dentistry

EUR 150

Consultation of a doctor on ARI (for each insured event)

EUR 50

Medical transportation


Ambulance transport, transportation to the nearest medical institution, medical evacuation for permanent residence


Transport fees


Return of the insured person for permanent residence after treatment, return of the insured person’s children for permanent residence in case of hospitalisation of the insured person accompanied by an adult, repatriation of the body of the Insured Person to the homeland


Administrative services outside Ukraine


Telephone communication between the insured and insurer


Accident (insurance amount)

UAH 10,000

Liability to third persons (insurance amount)

EUR 1,000

Funds for purchasing essentials in case your luggage is delayed for more than 6 hours

EUR 100

Delay of travel for more than 6 hours due to carrier fault or due to theft or loss of passport/travel documents, or due to quarantine in the territory of permanent stay, or force majeure events

EUR 250

* In addition to war zones, terrorist acts, riots. The contract is not valid in the country of permanent residence on the legal basis of the Policyholder / Insured person and / or a citizen of which he / she is.
** Includes conditions for reimbursement of medical expenses related to diagnosis and treatment caused by coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

How do I obtain a card?

  • Pivdenny Online

    Easy submit in the mobile application for existing customers.

  • Visit a branch

    Select a branch and visit it at your convenience.

Open a virtual card in Pivdenny Online app

Existing customers of the bank can sign up for the "Prestige" tariff plan in the Pivdenny Online mobile application in just a few taps. Try how convenient it is!

Open a virtual card in Pivdenny Online app-Банк Пивденный


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Potential risks for the client in using payment cards

When registering and servicing current accounts using electronic means of payment – payment cards, payment transactions with cards for debiting or crediting funds, there may be fees, both imposed by the issuing bank of the card and other banks, including costs, related to the tariffs of other banking institutions of Ukraine. Read more about Pivdenny Bank Tariffs here

In the case of non-fulfilment by the client of obligations under the Individual Complex Banking Service Agreement and/or its appendices, payments on the card (block) may be suspended and/or declared invalid until these violations are eliminated. Early fulfilment of debt obligations in whole or in part as determined by the bank, including contractual write-off of amounts in repayment of debt at the expense of funds on other accounts of the client may be demanded, and information concerning this debt or negative credit history may be provided to the credit bureau/Credit Register of the National Bank of Ukraine, which may be taken into account by the bank when making a decision on granting a loan in the future, or applying to courts in accordance with Ukrainian legislation. Read more

Risk of scams associated with unauthorised use of the card or client data. Read more

Risks associated with dangerous card payments on the internet. Read more

Risks associated with non-compliance with the rules of ATM use. Read more

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