Pivdenny Bank offers a range of products and services for companies operating in the pharmaceutical industry. Our products feature attractive terms with a holistic approach

Pharmaceutical industry

Pivdenny Bank serves corporate clients based on an individual approach where we analyse each separate project. We take the preferences of each client into account and offer the most suitable products for the growth of the client’s business.

Managing accounts

High reliability, extra services, attractive terms.


Additional working capital for urgent payments.

Purchase and sale of currency

For companies with payments in foreign currencies.

Factoring-based financing

Financing secured by accounts receivable.


Guarantees to secure payment, contractual obligations and advance payments.

Letters of credit

Ensure that the contract parties meet their obligations and increase the company’s working capital (unsecured letter of credit) without attracting debt financing (in the form of a loan).

Loans from non-residents

Receiving and servicing loans from non-residents.


Card-based payments for goods, works and services via POS terminals and the Internet.