Western Union money transfer system

At Pivdenny Bank branches, clients can transfer/receive money to/from any country via Western Union money transfer system.

Western Union Financial Services, Inc. (USA) is an international fast money transfer system established in 1851. Funds are transferred via an extensive computer network operated from the USA. Present in 200 countries worldwide, including in the CIS countries.

The Western Union system provides the following types of money transfers:

  • Remittance of funds outside Ukraine in USD.
  • Pay-out of transfers from abroad in USD and EUR.
  • Remittances and receipt of funds in UAH within Ukraine.

Advantages of transfers via the Western Union system

  • The transfer fee is paid by the sender only.
  • Funds are available for pay-out within several minutes after remittance.
  • No need to specify the address — the recipient can visit any Western Union branch in the country of receipt.

 The sender of the transfer should:

  • Visit any Pivdenny Bank branch.
  • Tell the manager your details (surname, name, address, phone number), the recipient's details (surname, name, country of transfer) and the amount of the transfer.
  • Present his/her passport.
  • Pay the transfer fees.
  • Advise the recipient of the transfer of the money transfer control number given to the sender by the bank employee.

The recipient of the transfer should:

  • Visit any Pivdenny Bank branch.
  • Tell the manager the sender's surname and name, your details, the country of transfer, amount of transfer, and money transfer control number.
  • Provide his/her passport.
  • Upon verification of the above details, the responsible officer pays out the transfer to the recipient.

For detailed information on exchange rates, use this link.

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