Give your children lessons in financial literacy!

Additional cards for children

This is an additional card for children from 6 to 18 years.

A card will easily replace the pocket money parents usually give their children and will encourage them to develop and explore the world of finance.

Advantages for the client:

  • A convenient and modern means for parents to ensure the security of their child and the child’s pocket money.
  • A guaranty of ongoing financial support for children at university or when travelling.
  • A wonderful way to teach children independence and increase their financial literacy.
  • The full range of features of a normal payment card.
  • Payment for goods and services in POSs and online without a commission.
  • Control of all your child's expenses via SMS notifications. You can obtain full information on your child’s expenses and purchases via the Pivdenny MyBank (web and mobile banking) or Mobi-Card service.
  • The currency of the child’s card is identical to the currency of the account of the principal owner (UAH/USD/EUR).
  • The limit on the child’s card may be changed in Pivdenny MyBank (web banking), establishing an individual limit based on an application to the bank.

Specific features of the card:

  • The fees for the card’s issuance are based on bank Rates.
  • The bank issues an additional card in the name of the child linked to the card account of one of the parents.
  • Card validity — up to 5 years;
  • SMS messages are sent either to the phone number of the child or one of the parents (at the client’s discretion).

Is your child travelling abroad for study or leisure?

  • The payment card is not subject to written declaration at customs.
  • The card account may be opened in UAH, USD or EUR; the funds will be converted into the local currency with automatic application of an attractive rate.
  • The commission for withdrawing of cash abroad is much lower that the fees charged by money transfer systems.
  • Using the card, your child can withdraw cash in local currency from more than 1 million ATMs all over the world and make payments with a payment card at more than 5.5 million merchants.

Cards for children have the same range of functions as other standard payment cards. They can make purchases, withdraw cash, transfer funds, and - most importantly - teach the basic principles of financial literacy, which are so critical today. You can set daily, weekly or monthly limits on cash withdrawals from ATMs and settlements at POS on any child’s card from Pivdenny Bank; moreover, the parents will have access to information on all transactions the child makes via Pivdenny MyBank or Mobi-Card service.


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